Kriss vector v2 1.4 spring

So I’ve bought a 1.4 manganese spring will this break my vector or will it run it, only other things I’ve done is metal t-piece and alloy barrel and new o-ring.

What would you recommend me do to make it the most reliable but good fps gun I could make

i ran mine with a 1.4 and a 3s for some time. its only recently died which i attribute to dumping 4 mags on full auto one after the other into someone not calling their hits.

until that, it has been running in this configuration for a couple months with at least 6hrs a week bush field gaming

Yeah thats what I mean. If you had done shims bearings and metal everything it probably will still be going now but thats half the fun, pushing things to the limit, breaking it and upgrading.
I just dont have much spare time to be fixing things every couple weeks. I rather just make it as strong as possible then run it at 70 or 80 percent and just have fun using it.

nah…i cooked the logic controller on the board.

gearing, motor and fets themselves are ok

it was purely an electrical abuse thing

quite surprisingly the gearing, lube, oring (needs doing) and other plastic buts are in decent condition

Also if you guys are able to help, what would be a better barrel to run a 18cm or 28cm?

depends on your use case.

i have a short alu barrel setup for cqb

if i were using it as a ranged blaster i’d have the longer one

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Only up to about 35cm or so.
Longer is not always better.
You have to match the volume of air being compressed by the plunger in the barrel. 35cm barrel holds approx the same amount of air as the plunger can compress
If your barrel is any longer, there is no pressure behind the ball after 35 cm and it starts slowing down due to drag.

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being a almost stock vector except o-ring and 1.4 spring what would you recommend? would it be worth getting a new cylinder and plunger for it

also if i was to do those things should i be looking at getting metal gears for it

Yeah for what its worth and while its all opened up I would.

Hey, new to all this, can someone explain how different O rings effect the blaster, I understand that it has smth to do with the piston compression

Just creates a better airseal so 100% of air pushes the gel and none leaks back around the plunger causing performance loss.

If you’re going to do the o-ring on the vector change you cylinder aswell because it doesn’t create a better seal as I have found out

not all orings are created equally.

ideally you’re looking for high temp, high velocity orings with 20mm ID and 3.5mm CS

anyone with better numbers for the common gen8 cylinder dimensions please speak up