Kriss Vector V2 6:1 DSG Build

Hey Blaster Peeps! You may have seen me in other channels such as Facebook and the Youtubes. I’ll start documenting our builds in their own topics, so feel free to comment and ask any questions.

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How does this package go? Rof, fps etc…
Just had a vector delivered last week. Haven’t had a chance to open it as when I went to do basic spring, barrel and hopup I managed to absolutely finger my ACR J10.
Story for another day…

How did this go?

Did you have any challenges with gel feed?

Pretty new to this. Guessing you’re not running the standard electronics of the vector with this build? What are you doing for trigger / motor control?

If memory serves me right I think he went the easyfet route.

Yeah ok. Been having a lot of fun with my son’s vector. Cooked three mosfet boards. Mistakes made and lessons learned.

When changing motor, don’t assume the factory put the red wire on the positive pole of the motor - check! This vector came with white wire soldered to the Mot+ and red wire to Mot- which caused some instant smoke when I copied how it was done. After close inspection I realised there is microprinting on the circuit board and the second mosfet board was wired to the new motor correctly.

Next mistake: motor selection. A chihai red 11.1V vector motor with 11.1V battery and 1.3 spring is too much for the green mosfet board. It worked for about 1.5 seconds and died. Tried again with the spring out and no load same configuration, it ran a bit longer but cooked itself very quickly.

New strategy. Acquired purple chihai 8.4v motor. Had to do some surgery to get the pinion gear to mesh with the crown gear. Ground the flat on the motor shaft about 3mm closer to the motor, tapped the pinion gear down and trimmed the shaft. Put it all back together after dry firing. Mag feed works but no motor.

Disheartened, pulled it apart again and carefully inspected everything and found that the spade connector on the top of the motor had cracked and broken after bending it to get the wires to sit nicely. Raid the spares bin, solder a new negative wire on the mosfet board and refit to motor. Motor runs again. Reassemble the blaster carefully with original spring. Blaster fires nicely.

Several tests later the mosfet board is getting warm after a few minutes of burst fire. Put a magazine through it and it’s still working. Avoiding full auto for more than two or three seconds.

This blaster has metal 18:1 gears, bruisemaster tight bore 24cm barrel, 80% stainless cylinder, nylon piston with metal teeth, original tee piece, green oring, 1.3 spring, slimline hopup, 11.1v battery and purple chihai motor.

It works but I’m not confident it will last long. Have ordered an easy fet v2 and will try and combine it with the green board or else forget the fire modes and just run with the easy fet.

I’m going to go back to my acr build now. For some reason it’s soooo much easier to work on than the vector.

One of these days I’ll have a closer look at these mosfets and see if they can be tweaked a bit. Be interested if there’s any other electronics nerds out there who have similar ideas.


I had the same issues you did, customer was given one option, my way or the highway. So for now has an easyfet. But it really needs one with an active brake, set up mag prime same as you would for a gen9 with a diode and.the standard switch. Easyfet has so far put up with a flogging and still goes strong


I’m having a few issues with my dsg build. Can you tell me what spring you are running and at what barrel length?