Kriss Vector v2 - FET board JR-LH06

for anyone getting one of these with NO DOCUMENTATION…vector_fet_board


Has any1 installed 1 of these?i got 1 a few weeks back after i fried my original board…i have installed it and for 1 it doesn’t fit properly,the wires have to be moved around and the board has to sit on an angel.other wise your fire selector won’t go into single…it gets jamed .once i worked it out and got in properly it workes fine…but 1 thing i did notice is that if i leave the battery in and have it switched into safe the battery drains…left mine for a few days after install then when i went to have a play the battery was dead flat…any1 had this problem?

same. lost my sh*t at the ebay seller as he had the old version up which was explicitly what i was wanting.

its a game of 4 dimensional tetris but after 3 teardowns i managed to shoehorn one in.

caps down, battery lead as close to the safety toggle as possible so it doesn’t get caught in the trigger mounting.

i have another to do and am procrastinating.

good catch on that safety battery drain.

Lol yeah took me a few goes to work it out…have you noticed there’s a 3rd board?im guessing because people are having problems with fitting…ive ordered 1 to see if that stops the battery drain…hate having to pull the battery out every time…also was wondering does your mag prime when in safe mode? Mine does and i didn’t notice that before the new board…

got a link for this 3rd version?

your observation around mag prime is spot on also with regard to how mine did and does perform although i would never leave a lipo plugged in.

lipos should always be removed and put into storage charge and balanced after each period of use.

I’ve always left mine pluged in but the toy switched off and never had a problem,untill now…but never new that to tell ya the truth…thanx for that tid bit…learn sumthin new every day:) and yep here’s the link…same guy i got the other board from… …check it out

Any pics guys… sound like this needs to be documented.

pic for what i’ve been calling the “v2 of the fet board” above.

there’s another thread with the “v3 of the fet board” where there is a 3p plug instead of a 4

I put my green motherbord in,and only burst fire works not sure if wires are faulty,facing the pins at yourself,trigger is left two prongs,right two prongs is gearbox switch and for the 3 prong,igot told too pull the white wire out of the fire mode and wire the other 3 wires in.

look to the other thread where i’ve put forward a way of maybe wiring it up

this thread is specifically for the model of board mentioned in the title