Kriss Vector V2 - Help/Diagnosis/Repair questions

Hey guys, so I’m super new to whole gel blaster thing.
I’ve recently bought a LeHui Kriss Vector V2, and on the day of buying it bugged out… It was hardly used, it was used - but by no means was it thrashed. Now I’ve done my research. A lot of it, spoken to the seller (who’s already ordered me a new board free of charge) and generally the answer to all V2 related questions I found online were the same.

“The stock V2’s board is trash, the Mosfet blows out. Buy a V3 greenboard? and/or an easyFET” cool, so I get that. My issue… kind of issue, is that I don’t actually know what’s wrong with the V2. Upon inspection, the board apparently looked good to the seller; he’s just going on the assumption its the board. I’ve also seen on a few forums simple issues with the trigger switch and such? but cannot seem to find significant discussion and photos on any other topics outside of board issues… Another thing I noticed, was that when I plug in a battery it fires momentarily, but pulling the trigger does nothing after the battery is actually inserted. Can anyone direct me to further forums/videos/discussions?

Last but not least, has anyone made up a pdf Manual for these guns?
Like a disassembly, diagnosis, repair, and troubleshooting guide? Does LeHui have official PDF manuals etc? I’m struggling to find the resources I need to really understand and do this all myself. As I want to find solutions, and not be simply chewing through boards left right and center.

Thanks heaps for what I’m sure is a common question.
My main request here is manuals, tutorials, videos, and diagnosis.

g’day Lavery - seems odd for me to call you bae but anyway

welcome to the zoo and yes, everything you need is online and much of it will be in this forum.

a simple quick workaround for the vector would be to use an easyFet to drive your motor and if your vector still feeds, use the mag feed as the switch input to the easyFet.

if your vector isn’t feeding you will need to replace the fetBoard - they can be repaired, just don’t.

your options:
wire like a gen8 - fire modes, on / off
wire with only the easyFet - fire modes, on / off
wire an easyFet to a replacement fet - fire modes retained.

I always recommend doing work yourself for many reasons but the kriss is not for the feint hearted.

where are you located?

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Hey zeHamish, is there any chance you could scribble down a wiring diagram ffor the options you suggested.
I’m by no means an electrician and there are a lot of instructions online but unfortunately if you’re not familiar with the terminology it can get a bit confusing.
An idiot proof diagram would be great.

The way i do it and tell others…

desolder the motor wires, extend them to the front left of the upper receiver housing.

attach them to an easyFet trigger pads, noting polarity.

run easyFet output back to motor, noting polarity.

no real wizardry in it. USE heat shrink

a knowledge of splicing multicore cable methods is handy.

if you are really keen you can swap out the 16awg motors back to the stock fet with 18awg. technically you could use 22AWG but i like to over engineer things. for safety…