Kriss Vector V2 no power after charging battery

After charging the battery for the 1st time there seems that the device has no power. Does not try to shoot.
Prior to the recharge all systems were go.
Had the battery on for over 24 hours.

Hi and welcome. :+1:

So your Vector was working fine before… do you have another battery to try in it? Did you charge it with the USB charger you get in the box?

Some of those OEM charge cables are very dodgy… first thing you should upgrade.

Should only take about 4 hours max o charge up a lipo. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving a lipo on charge overnight while I was snoring. :thinking:

supplemental to this and more immediate, you should test the battery voltage on the balance lead

if you have a 3 pin plug (2s) you want to see about 8.4 volts, if its a 4 pin (3s) you want 12.4

values are not arbitrary but n the vicinity of a full charge. if you see 7.2 and 11.1 or lower, the issue is that the battery isn’t charged enough for the vector.

the vector’s mosfet design has a low battery cut off built into it which is a really nice thing to have.