Kriss Vector V2 spring

I’m thinking of putting a 1.5 spring into my vector, Would that work fine? Along with an alloy barrel and most likely a new plunger seal.

i have been running a 1.4 for a few weeks on a 3s lipo. its been fine but the stress of the compression has finally killed the mosfets :frowning:

i know a lad who was running a 1.5 in his and 2 mosfets later he’s cracked it at the vector.

TBH, i think the 1.3 performed better in terms of range and accuracy.

the 1.4 upset quite a few people with close range contact being a little more than the average sting

when i replace my fet, i’ll put a 1.3 or 1.35 into it

not all alloy barrels are created equally. i have a chainsaw upgrade with threaded t piece…its nice but i’d probably get a fighting bro barrel. the difference is noticable.

the LH upgrade kit from chainsaw is decent too


Yeah what they said. If you gonna go metal gears, metal ladder, metal plunger, shims and bearings then i might give it a shot.
Kinda like putting NOS on your grannys corolla. It might work for a little while but wont be reliable unless you do all the supporting mods that go with it.
I got gen9 m4a1 with metal everything shims and bearings and run a 1.3 spring and 7.2v. No stress on any component and will run all day. Great range and accuracy.
Took the same approach when I built my Torana. All components are rated to at leasr 700 horsepower but im only making 450 to 500. All i ever do is change rhe oil.

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the kriss on a 3S and a 1.3 will compete ootb with most basic upgraded blasters.

if you’re looking to get 30mtrs with a 6" grouping…well…thats well beyond what most upgraded units will give you and considerable cash :slight_smile:

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Alright so go for the 1.3 instead of 1.5 otherwise I’ll have problems thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I would. I found with my m4 that i lost accuracy with anything higher than 1.3.

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Also a lipo 11v battery would do fine I assume

Nope i wouldnt. Stick with 7.4.

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Only thing u will pick up is rounds per minute. You wont shoot anyfurther because its the spring and plunger that makes the ball travel.
If u are gonna upgrade everything to metal, shims and bearings then 11.1v might be ok. If you are going to stick with nylon gears and weak return spring no bearings and no shims then stick with 7.2v.
Nothing worse than a blaster failure 1 hour into an all day skirmish and you are an hour from home.

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Alright so just an o-ring, barrel and 1.3 spring thanks again.

No probs. Good luck. Check out Low Guido chop shop on you tube. He has done up a couple of the vectors. He is the man to listen to. He is also on this forum so if you have any questions ask him as well.

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Rehashing an old thread.
So a 1.3 spring wont damage the nylon gears?
Is this only with the 7.2V?


As a loose description, it’s unlikely

I ran a 1.4 for ages and fried my fet

Afaik it’s still running the 1.4 with the replacement fet

Miss that kriss

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Photos or the Torrie is a dream?

Vid might be better

And a pic @FordScott

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I would kill for my old XU1 gtr back. First car, bought her for $2000 in 03.
Your wheels are mighty fly brutha!

cheers mate. @FordScott
never had the ss redline round the track yet but the Torrie goes hard