Kublai K1 fires single shots when safety is on

Hey guys Just want to say that this forum is awesome and I learnt so much of you guys . I new to gel blasters , got my first one last October and already own. A. Kublai K1 and a TE M4A1 .
I need advice with my Kublai
I just noticed yesterday that the safety is not working now it fires single shots on safety
Whilst semi and full auto work as per normal. Would any one know what may have happened to the safety?
The Kublai is basically brand new, I have fired 2 full magazines to date.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

There must be something wrong with the safety lock out mechanism and since it is new you should take it back to the place you bought it and get it looked at under warranty

I thought of that but I live in NSW and it’s going to be a pain in the ass to ship it back to QLD for warranty

I’m thinking Just about buying a new upgraded box with SHS metal gears and then I’ll pull apart the one in the blaster and see what went wrong.

I’m thinking about placing a m100 spring in the new box. So it will be the same as my TE M4A1

There shouldn’t be too much wrong because the mechanism is very simple, it could be just the spring or the screw loose

Thanks mate, Your advice is greatly appreciated
One more question, the 480 long motor in the Kublai
Would you know what brand it is I want to purchase a SHS metal pinion but appears there are few types depending on the make or
do you have an after market preference that can still run a 7.4V battery ?
Thanks again

This is what I use on 2s lipo and it comes with a pinion but you will need metal gears to run a metal pinion.

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If you want to run the stock nylon gears you will need to run the stock nylon pinion gear, it just pulls off the shaft and will fit the above motor

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Here are my K2 and K3 Kublai’s fully modded of course , They might give you some inspiration :grin:


They look awesome mate I love the. Build quality of the Kublai. But I was never a fan of the plastic gears.
So I guess this gives an excuse to upgrade it just the way I want it


Those kublais look sweet! Such good blasters I’m very happy with mine

mate, i had a similar problem with mine, apparently mine had a problem where a pin where the gearbox is held rattled loose.

Thanks mate I’ll check that out hopefully it’s something simple

Are you certain it isn’t a loose nut on the trigger? noidea laughing (1) rofl

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I pulled the box apart and found the safety leaver arm to be cracked

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