Kublai K2 front sight removal

Hey all

Wanted to find out from the experts how hard is it to remove the front sight on the kublai K2, or at least replace it with a low profile one. Also, if it can be taken off, does it affect the blaster in anyway by not having it on?

I have never actually used a front sight on a gel blaster… I know roughly where to point it… so I point it and squirt 205qlh4 laughing%20(1)

Or, off the hip… spray and pray as they say Cowboy

It’s simple to remove, knock out the pin that goes through the sight into to rod running up the handguard and then take out the grub screw underneath and then it will slide off the front.
It won’t effect performance but does add a bit of stiffness to the plastic outer and inner barrels

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Sorry but of a noob here but can you explain about the barrel stiffness? Would that mean that would affect the gels when being fired? Also, when you take out the pin, unscrew the grub and remove the sight, how do you take the rod out?

I just meant that the rod might support the barrel a tiny bit but its not much so won’t affect the gels beinv fired.
The rod is just pushed in through the delta ring and into the front of the receiver so you can just wriggle it and pull it out.

Here is the rod, you can see the hole that the pin goes through at the sight end and the other end has nothing holding it in.

awesome, ty so much. I was worried about doing this because i did not want to mess anything up lol but the pic helps to see what I am looking for.

Thanks again mate

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