Kublai K2 scope mounting issue

Hey Guys

Total noob here and I must be doing something stupid but hoping you can help. Attaching some photos. I ordered myself a JJ Air soft G33 for my blaster and I am attempting to attach it but for some reason when I go to secure it to the railing, for the life of me i can not pull the clip back. Please tell me what I’ve done wrong please.

Hiya mate!

The lever should be able to be unscrewed etc.
That is what you use to adjust to different rails.
Should be a 22mm rail system.
Good luck.

I have a screw on the opposite side and I believe I have unscrewed it as much as it allows me to, but still seems to not want to clip down

Hi, looking at a listing for one of those, it says it’s for a 20mm rail, if what IronSpear said was correct and it is a 22mm rail it probably just doesn’t fit. Maybe you could shave the rail, but that’s a bit risky because of the shape of it. Is it possible to replace the screw with a longer one?

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