Kublai K2 Scope/Red Dot Sight

Hi Guys

New to the forum. Got myself a Kublai K2 yesterday. Just wanting to know what sight/scope you guys would recommend for this one?

None really. They are generally overkill.

That said I use a 22$ red dot which I sight in with my front iron sight.

The only time I really use it though is if you are hiding behind something with the smallest something visible and I want to just let you know…

Surprise! If I can sees you…I can hitz you…


I agree, NONE. I put em on for looks but shoot em like a shotty (both eyes open and my head up).


How do you explain that refrigerate sticker then?


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I am pretty sure I have the same $22 sight on the Kublai but I notice when you are looking down the sight, the front iron sight seems to sit right in front of it. So it is really more for show since you cannot really adjust it enough to be accurate?

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REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. I thought it was self explanatory, but. It means you’ll need to ice your welts quickly. And it makes it look like a toy where all my other external mods make it look more real.


d’eaze boyz be pullin ya chain man…gettin one o’ d’eaze be rockin da battle

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I’ll take that action :rofl:

C U on field :sunglasses:

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I don’t need sights on my blasters… laughing%20(1)