Kublai k2 semi auto trigger help

Hey Im new here and wanted to ask a question.

For the life of me I can not figure out what is wrong the trigger on my kublai k2. I pulled the gearbox apart to change the oring and barrel and everything is working great but for when the blaster on semi auto the trigger will get stuck once u pull the trigger to fire.t it will fire but you have to flick the trigger forward to be able to fire again. Full auto and safe work fine and when there is no battery in the trigger on semi auto will reset back to normal its only when there is a battery in that this problem happens. I have pulled the gearbox apart 4 times now and put it back together and still have the same problem. Does anyone idea what could be causing it?

No positive but I had the same thing with my gen9 m4a1 after some mods. Turns out I put in the trigger return spring incorrectly.

Kinda but the shake of the weapon moved it back most of the time in full auto.