Kublai k2s vs Hk416

Hi! Can somebody help me to choose which one the best Gel blaster Kublai K2S or Hk 416D V3?

There is but one true answer I am afraid… badluck

You NEED one of each… the real issue is… which do you want to get first? :thinking:

And there is no correct answer to that cunundrum… so, you MUST get both ASAP laughing%20(1)

THEN… you can tell us which is best :+1:


I was in the same boat as you, but in the end the Tan Kublai K2 won out for me, but as Calcifer said you will end up getting both, so go with the one you are happy with.

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And now that everyone has both , whcih is better in the owners opinion?

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