Kublai K2S Worth it?

What the view on the Kublai K2S?

Can grab one for about 240 today at GBU who have 15% off this weekend


I have the K1, which is the same just different backdrop basicly, I love it. I also changed it to look like a K2 so… I’d say yep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers @Smiley it seems the S version doesn’t have the alloy barrel inner / outer to the K2 but getting mixed info on that so not sure now

Oh really? I thought they all came with the alloy inner barrel. If not it’s an easy fix to put one in

@Smiley got the K2S today.

Nice kit very solid - feels great to aim.

But yeah outer and inner are nylon I think

Now what about a K3…hmmmm

Yeah I checked mine it had metal inner nylon outer. Don’t see the point of metal outer barrel, it’s hidden away under the handguard anyway, mine anyway.

Glad you’re happy with it, I think the kublai are great platforms

Any suggestions on a metal inner / t-piece that would work?

As in what type of metal barrel? Any should fit the t-piece. As to type, that’s a rabbit hole, I’d start with an alloy ten depending how much you want to tune your blaster gels etc you could change to stainless steel, smaller diameters etc.
Kublai have their own style t-piece, I’ve not seen a metal one but they could be out there. Just see how your airseal is,if it’s good then there’s no need to replace the t-piece.

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