Kublai K3 - Tear Down

FYI - I don’t open the gearbox in this video, that will be in a later video sorry!!

Beard and Blaster Club
Beard Maintenance
Magazine Release Removal
Talking smack about Australian Gel Blasters Club
Hand Guard Removal
Outer Barrel Removal
Gas Block Removal
Stock Removal
Stock Disassembly
Looking for parts that fell on the ground
Upper Removal
Charging handle removal
Bolt / Blowback Cover Removal
Layout of all parts and conclusion

That was way too much effort!!

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Nice job, the buffer tube on these things is so tiny.

Great to finally see someone do a full teardown video on this! I’ve had mine for a couple of months now and have fairly mixed opinions on it. First of all, yeah the gearbox is pretty crappy outta the box for the price you pay, but I can’t fault the quality of literally everything else. Even just the nylon BD556 receiver - compared to something like a Gen 9 or an SLR receiver, I felt like it was night and day.

For me it’s kinda a toss up because obviously plastic gears at this price point isn’t great, but to upgrade gears and inner barrel is a fairly cheap process - to upgrade to a good outer barrel/receiver etc. is expensive so seems like they opted for that route.

Agree 100%. Despite having a nylon receiver, the K3 has quite possibly the highest quality exterior of any M4 platform that I’ve come across. The finish across all components is really good. That sort of stuff was really important for me on this particular build as alot of effort is going into the paint. I will probably overhaul the gearbox anyway or fit something completely different.

Yeah I’m actually building a long ■■■ based off a Kublai upgraded gearbox, and I opted for another BD556 instead of going metal just because of how good the strength/weight ratio is. Would really love if you did some more videos especially around upgrading the gearbox, there isn’t many (if any) videos about the Kublai one so it’d be cool to see how it compares to a WI/LDT V2 box!

Also can’t wait to see how your K3 build turns out, that paratrooper looks awesome so it’d be great to see how yours turns out!

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