Kublai Khan P4 M1911A1 GBB, anyone heard anything about it O_o?

while CEH is releasing that P14 Hi-capa labaled as 1911 :roll_eyes:,
apparently Kublai is also releasing an 1911 in a month time in china,
but base on a traditional Colt model i believe it is.
has anyone heard new about it and possible release in australia?

look like it might be the so called green gas refill version rather than co2 cartridge type tho

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XForce mentioned in Facebook they are ordering some

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I believe M4A1 will have these as well

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Nice :smiley: thanks guys!
Will keep my eyes out

I saw a guy on reddit flogging them for 750$

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RPM tech shop got a shipment in which from what ive seen on facebook, a couple of fuckwit scalpers bought up a lot of.

the container for x-force is caught up in china with the clampdown on gel blasters so could be a while before more make it into the country.

If I remember command elite did this big thing on their page slamming them saying they “weren’t good enough quality” and then proceeded to bring in the equivalent of a ticking time bomb $400 paperweight :roll_eyes:

shame i missed out on it, says its sold out now :frowning:

LOL yah i remember that,
tbh i am not getting them for the quality, just something to hang on my wall
really dying for a mil-spec 1911 :joy:

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