Kublai m4a1 mag feed problem

Does anyone know a quick fix for the terminals on top of the kublai m4 metal magazine? It’ll fire good for about 10 shots, stops feeding and then I’ll have to go back and take the mag off and straighten out the terminals on the blaster for the mag, I’ve checked all wires and taken the oring out of the top of the magazine feed hole.

I’ve had to re-solder the mag wires due to them snapping off.

What do you mean straighten out the terminals? I’ve a few kublai mags and each one has different terminals and plastic covers over the motor.

I worked out it wasn’t the mag but it was the nozzle not going in further enough to let the gels feed through, now I’m trying to work out how to fix this problem haha

Solved the problem, the rubber seal on the nozzle was glued to far forwards.