Kublai metal receiver

First I was woundering if anyone had purchased or dealt with this receiver before.

I’m thinking of starting a custom build and was woundering how much of my external gen 9 parts can I transfer over? Iv got a noveske metal handguard, a metal buffer tube and external slr barrel from chggb I was hoping to use from it in the build.

Internally for now im just going to buy the kublai nylon gearbox and eventually move over the a cnc alloy one.

Iv found where to buy the empty box but cannot find a trigger mechanism. All wiring I plan the do myself in 16awg.

@Rattler sorry to drag you in here but I recall you saying you had a few kublais and was hoping you could help me out

You should be able to fit the handguard, buffer tube and outer barrels as long as you have the correct t piece barrel adapter

Yea I also have to correct adapter to suit so all sounding pretty good then. Have you seen one of the metal receivers?

No I haven’t sorry

Think I might just bite the ■■■■■■ and see how it goes.

Would you say kublais blasters are one of the higher quality blasters out there?

After seeing my mates it makes my gen 9 feel like very average

I am guessing it’s probably not a Kublai receiver anyway , probably something like a CYMA or similar

In the description is does say cyma and kublai combined to makes the watz receiver. Is that a good think I don’t know much about cymas

Although I have picked up a metal CYMA I never really took any notice of the quality of the receiver.
I would assume it’s no different to most of the other cast alloy receivers around.

Are the cast alloy receivers worth getting in terms of quality and how the upper and lower mesh with each other?

Just one to be 100% certain before I drop that kind of money on one

Some are excellent and others are not.
I can’t give you more info on that receiver sorry.
Maybe someone here who has one can chime in

I have had a good look at this one and was quite impressed with the fit and finish especially for the low price

Yea I looked at this one also but my only problem is they did not ship to my state

The Cyma nylon receiver is reasonably well made, I assume the metal one is similar. It lacks trades (if you care about that), but the selector switch captions are cut into the receiver. The faux bolt cover is relatively soft plastic, and I had to make a metal backplate for it when I damaged it during assembly of the blaster (the faux bolt activates the mag prime on the Cyma gearbox).

The safety is really nice on my Cyma, positive and not bindey like my ACR. The nylon lower has almost a textured finish, and it takes paint (and dirt!) well. I had to cut down the buffer tube adapter to use a Kublai buffer tube: the Cyma buffer tube is very heavy and slightly smaller in diameter than the Kublai branded one, and I didn’t like the way the stocks wobbled on the Cyma one. The buffer tube adapter on the WAT receiver pictured there looks in between the length of the Cyma nylon and the M4A1 metal wells receiver.

The M4A1 metal wells receiver is fine, though the safety on mine didn’t lock positively into the semi notch and the actual casting is a bit ordinary (mine has a few blemishes in the metal). It doesn’t seem compatible with the type of faux bolt that the Cyma uses because of how the charging handle spring is attached. No trades again. The buffer tube adapter is shorter than the Cyma or the WAT (from the photos), but it worked with the Kublai buffer tube just fine. The “safe semi auto” captions are painted on rather than cut into the metal of the receiver, and are some weird font that doesn’t look quite right. It just feels a bit less refined than some of the other receivers available now, though if you just have to have a metal receiver it is a good price.

The upper from the M4A1 wells receiver doesn’t fit on the Cyma lower. Haven’t tried the other way around.

This is also not the older wells metal receiver, this is the new one that they only got a month ago

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Ah, that will be different to my one then! When I actually follow your link I see it does look more refined.

It might be relevant to @michael_reaby that I did start with a metal receiver for my M4 build and later “downgraded” to the Cyma nylon. I don’t think the metal fitted together better than the Cyma nylon one, they’re both pretty solid compared to the Gen9 or original clear Wells.

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The new ones are much nicer and come with all the accessories unlike the older one which was an upgrade for the Wells v4
I think it is the same one used in the new Wells metal MRT and CQB.

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I do like the MRT, that is a solid blaster!

I paid the best part of $250 for the metal receiver back when I bought it, though that did include a metal outer barrel as well (but not the buffer tube, oddly). These ones seem much more reasonably priced (edit: nylon vs metal confusion)

When you say lacks trades what does that refer to?

I’m a bit shattered I can’t order from m4a1 otherwise I’d get that wells receiver.

Iv been searching for a review on that cyma/Kublai one but can’t seem to find one. I emailed x-force to see if they would let me know how it feels but I’m sure they will tell me top notch to get the sale