Kublai p1 approved

the p1 has been approved by the qps may cost roughly 250 AUD but still GAS POWERED GEL BLASTERS

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Yes, this is good news. Actually the retailers are wanting more like $300 from what I have seen.
A bit too expensive in my opinion.


China retail price just around $145 AUD

Watch the video on youtube with the guy playing with it at an indoor cqb field. Not even worth $145.
Shoots about 10m.
The whole video was meant to be about him using the new p1. He used it for about 30 secs got one kill with it then went back to his AK and said its not worth using in competition

one small step for aussies, one giant leap for gel blaster kind

yeah thats because it uses low pressure gas sadly i think its to stop the gel balls exploding in the barrel

yeah wait and see what tactical edge retails it for

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Have to see what dollar per meter cost ratio is. Dont think it will be worth it.

i mean looks cool has a functioning slide lock but i agree we will have to see
they are designing a 1911 hopefully that will be better