Kublai P1 G17 pistol

Is Kublai P1 pistol in Australia market yet ?

The pistol is here but the magazines are not currently legal (from what my sources tell me) so kinda pointless buying the pistol.

Do you know what it is that has made the magazines illegal?

That is odd isnt it?

I’m pretty sure that they have green gas canisters in them for the gas blow back so makes them technically air soft.


How would that make them technically asoft?

EDIT: I thought it was the metal slides they were waiting on.

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It’s to do with the TYPE of gas afaik. The current gas is a refrigerint that I believe is not allowed to be used anymore in this country H-143 I think it is.

If anyone’s interested in the plan…

So it depends if they are trying to import “in bulk” (and I’m not sure what that is defined as, might be in the link but I can’t recall it).

I use HFC-134 as a propellant for a small airbrush and just bought another can recently, but it’s likely that was imported before the 2018 phasedown…

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Any pressure vessel has to be approved before use. I would assume that because the gas is stored under pressure the magazine would require approval


Ok I’ve heard it direct from the source and I quote:

“We are just waiting on the mags. They are designed for R134a gas but after replacing with metal slides green gas can be used too”.

R134a is available on eBay, (or if you’re lucky enough to have a fridgie friend :wink: through BOC). Green gas is literally just propane (camping gas stove cans).

I’d say @wombat is on the money with the pressure vessel approval.


I want, I want, I want. But prolly gonna hafta wait until the bonus check comes in March :stuck_out_tongue:

The X-Force Tactical ones sold out in a few minutes I have been told. These were the metal upgraded versions too. But they only had 10 or so of them. Now to wait for another 3 weeks for the next ones.

Ah yes, the “premium” metal slide… the one with typo’s on it…

Didn’t even interest me in the slightest, only posted it because I know there are so many here who go Gaga for these overpriced closet queens :rofl:

Seriously? You would pay $400 for one of these :exploding_head:


Yeah so much hype but you do have to give kudos to them for bringing the first dedicated gas gel blaster to the market. With it starting to become bigger we might see more mainstream companies adapting their wares :crossed_fingers:

You can buy an A/S one for less than half that and it would blow this thing out of the water. Even if it was useful for games, that price is crazy.
Kublai must be rubbing their hand together :money_mouth_face:


$400 is a stretch for sure, and maybe its a waste of money. Time will tell I guess. I think Galapagos J mentioned another GBB pistol (Falcon?) is expected to come out this year, It’s gonna be a while before I get the cash to buy so maybe something better comes along in the meantime

Well this should give you a woody :+1:

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