Kublai P1 whats taking so long?

Does anyone know when the f*** the Kublai P1 is gonna be here?? The industry said October then early November we almost in December now so what’s taking so long. I know we had to have Australia serial numbers imprinted on them but jeez how long are they gonna keep a man waiting?? My Glock shat itself last week so I feel vulnerable without my sidearm hahaha

The first wave of imports are on their way or just about ready to be shipped. command elite have stated a launch date of 25th - 23rd of November
I understand your frustration but everything needs to be in perfect shape

Awesome! Do you know if all retailers will be getting them at the same time? Thanks for the information much appreciated

Can’t wait until I get my hands on one of these. Hopefully we might see the gas concept expand to rifles in the future.

dont know about that. Tactical edge states they are not going to say anything about the p1 until the first shipment are CONFIRMED on Australian soil then they will put up a price and launch date

Yeah, quite possible they will be classed as air soft due to the gas mechanism. We’ll see

Is there any point in that though? Many ■■■■■■■ rifles are battery powered, just means more messing about with gas or little benefit

Maybe, I dont know the benefits but looking at the Kublai G18, the gas mechanism seems to make for a more realistic blowback and recoil.

the p1 has QPS seal of approval the problem with ais0ft are the bb’s, the bbs are classed as ammo and since aisoft fire automaticaly it its defined as illegal

It shoots gels doesnt it

Yes the p1 does shoot gels

Azraels new shipment is in and pre orders on their blasters are going to be sent out after this coming weekend.
So I would assume these Kublai units are with ABF and QPS right now.

Anyone heard anything yet?

Just going to ask the same question…

Might be next year before we see them.

Video testing the metal slides on WAT’s fbook page. Apparently they’re waiting on them to fit before releasing them to retailers.

Good shit any idea when?

Not to put down anyone who’s excited about the P1, but I just can’t get hyped up over what will probably be a $300+ pistol. I’ve never even considered using a pistol in a game despite having two, they are just something for the kids to play with safely.

Anywho just my perspective :grin:


Hi there, I messaged tac toys about when they will get their gbb glocks in stock and they said early next year :neutral_face: :roll_eyes: