Kublai V2 gearbox reviews and feedback

been looking into the new V2 gearbox that’s drawing alot of attention and interest. I’m talking about the V2 style nylon GB by Kublai on paper it looks nice and the vids ive watched it can talk the talk and walk the walk too
but not seeing much personal opinions about it or how much upgrades parts are suited to it. so for those who have that beast please leave your comments on it below would love to hear more.

Gday all I too am curious about this and wondering if anyone has found a cylinder head and nozzle for this also chasing one for a war interest v2 box too

the war interest comes with them unless your needing replacement ones. try Ali express

Yeah I have both of them and they both come with heads and nozzles it’s just the war interest seems quite loose I figured a oring nozzle would be nice but the gen 8/9 doesn’t fit in the tpiece. The kublai doesn’t have oring nozzle but does feel like a snug fit on the cylinder head although I haven’t finished that build so only time will tell

Are the warinterest and kublai v2 gearboxes essentially the same? The Kublai appears to have better plunger spring access. I’m curious whether the mag terminals etc are in the same spots on both.

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