KVV2 Barrel Extension

Curious to hear people’s comments about this prototype extension.

I believe the bore on the standard Vector silencer has a diameter same as the outer barrel. Don’t know, don’t have one, only what I have observed with other builds online. This silencer has a 9.5mm alloy barrel inner which has been wet set in correct alignment to the main 18cm barrel and locates off it. Takes the barrel length out to 27.5cm which according to info is the sweet spot for VE, but gives the option of the shorter barrel for CQB.

Clearly it becomes a two piece alloy barrel with the extension fitted, it is sealed airtight however. It locates on the main inner barrel and is held in place by a boss fitted to the standard Vector nylon outer barrel. Plan to modify to accomodate a Sweetheart hop up in it when I order some in.

Thoughts & opinions on the split barrel concept appreciated.

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I do :+1:


So 0.25mm clearance for the standard 10mm OD KV plastic barrel on that nylon outer barrel at the tightest point.

9.5mm OD on the alloy’s been built up to accomodate that bore. All freeform and wet setting from there to keep the alloy extension aligned…

One end measured smaller than the other end.

Yours looks good but I worry about a two piece barrel , it’s hard enough getting a one piece barrel accurate :thinking:

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It’ll be an interesting experiment… nothing to lose, just made up out of bits and pieces left lying around.

The barrels were located using an internal 7.5mm mandrel and a sleeve which was a snug fit on the main barrel and clearance on the extension. Once everything was lined up precisely the sleeve was potted with high strength resin. In theory it should be as straight as a one piece, but time will tell…

And yeah, my screw in barrel has a tighter bore at the end of it too.


Most definitely worth a go

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Sorted the blaster and tried out this extension concept…

Yeah… nah… yeah… inconclusive. Maybe if I had a one piece longer barrel the same length as the extended jobbie to try I’d have a point of reference, as it stands it seems to gain a little accuracy but lose a little power. Hard to report accurately without a chrono too… but the net gain doesn’t seem to have been worth the effort.

I have other blasters for field play so it looks like it’s staying short and ending up a CQB unit… but I’m happy with that. Hits hard with that short barrel and seems to be okay with a hop up fitted. :+1:

Was a fun experiment though…

U local to bne @Friendly-fire?

I love the idea but my Dmr and cqb run very different I ternals to support the different barrel lengths / functions

@zeHamish Yeah, more or less BNE, Morayfield. :+1:

I guess the penny’s dropped that if you’re going to own multiple blasters there’s no need to make them all multi purpose.

Only reason I tried this out was because of the discussion with yourself and @Rattler re VE of these Vectors. The question was raised in my noggin and I had to try it out. :joy:

Like most here, I’m just hooked on the tinkering aspect… strong mechanically but weak on the electronics side of things. But when one mods finished I’m looking for another to get stuck into, regardless of practicality or necessity :rofl::rofl:

morayfield…hahahaha…thats a no :stuck_out_tongue:

i originally held the multi use idea and wanted to have a quick field strip conversion between games to walk out on field with the blaster spec i wanted to use for that game mode.

figured out very quickly that cylinder volume is more or less static in this idea because be fkt if i’m willingly doing a complete field strip and rebuild without something actually being wrong.

you are certainly victim of the blaster bug

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I’m in good company then… :joy:

I feel that a 2 piece inner barrel seemed to work ok for me, i had a go at a 2 piece barrel using a nt1 hopup on my mpx,

it didnt affect my accuracy and definatly took advantage of the cylinder volume, it was hitting harder with the extension and the hopup helped with range and accuracy, even tho i first tryed it without the hopup engaged and the accuracy was still pretty good. Might be the new fad, extented inner barrels

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Nice concept on that mpx… :+1:

It’s always worth having a shot at something different, but a one piece barrel has to be the best option…

I haven’t given up on the concept, just rethinking it…
maybe sealing the extension piece along the lines of cylinder nozzles with o rings. With an extension length of around 90mm it’s the concentricity of the bore and the sealing around the extension join that’s always going to be a bit of a PITA👍

If its got a chamfer on the inside and is tight against the main barrel then all youd need is a touch of grease, if theres a slight gap you might need to look at possibly o rings or making that barrel extension slightly longer on the back end to meet the main barrel

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I was thinking along the lines of a urethane coupling sleeve… firm enough to locate and seal but with enough flex & give to make getting it on and off fairly easy.

Looks like I picked the wrong time to sell off my lathe :joy:

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