KVV2 Hop Up Options

Just thought I’d share this for any KV owners who are having trouble finding a hop up for the KVs.

Post edit : Rquires a 9.5mm OD inner barrel, not useable with the stock 10mm OD plastic barrel.

The short flash hider that comes stock with the Vector happens to have an ID that’s a perfect push fit for a War Interest barrel hop up. The mounting grub screws need to be removed for obvious reasons, but they’re redundant because the whole thing’s held securely by the nylon outer barrel.

You do have to make sure the amount of inner barrel poking out is sufficient to engage the inner of the hop up correctly when the flash hider’s pushed home, but a bit of nouse with a 6" rule will sort that.

The adjustment screws are still accessible and sit into the flash hider’s cut outs perfectly, and the side venting’s not impaired in any way. I don’t use this on my Vector, run it on my M4, but same theory with the KVs. :+1:

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That hop up won’t fit on the stock barrel without drilling it out bigger

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I disagree…

Fits fine… the inner barrel on my KV isn’t the correct length because, as I said, that set up is for my M4. But in that photo the hopup’s fully engaged and the hider’s firm on the outer barrel.

Not sure which part you’re referring to that needs opening up, but no drilling required here… :+1:

The stock inner barrel is 10mm and the hop up is 9.5mm

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Ah, my apologies, Rattler… you’re absolutely right.

I missed that word " stock" in your comment… this does need a 9.5mm OD barrel to be functional.

Which clearly mine has :+1: OP editted accordingly

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