L2A1 extended mags - custom/mod job


Figure it’s worth asking in the place most likely to know. Would it be possible/is there anyone around who does magazine modifications?

Specifically, I’m looking to get two SLR/FAL mags basically put together to extend to twice the normal length. I’m starting an L2A1 conversion project and the extended magazine is going to be pretty crucial to it.

I’ve seen this exact modification done in windfur, and it came off absolutely seamlessly. You couldn’t even tell they were modified from two separate magazines. Tl;Dr, is it possible, and does anyone here know someone who could do it?


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Why do a L2A1 when you could do a SASR nam chopimages (4)

Nah each to their own
A good tech may be able to do it

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That’s a very fair point, and i’m still considering converting it to a Bitch, but either way i’m gonna need the mags. I’ve also got a L2A1 bipod on the way from Canada.

Ah fair fair
I haven’t got a fal/SLR/L1A1 …Yet

Hardest decision for me would be
Doing a Rhodesia
Or a bitch

I think @Bigmuthadrums did mag conversions for people, I know they’ve sold some of their custom mags to people here at least, they might be able to help.

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Well, Bigmuthadrums is currently working on these, and doing a good job of it!



Absolutely stoked mate, amazing work. Couldn’t recommend you enough.

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How well do they work. And do they have more capacity than the standards? Or are they just for looks?

They are double the capacity, internals are extended aswell :+1:
Just running on a 9v battery they seem to feed fine, even with the 3 month old elites I’ve had sitting in a bucket :sweat_smile:


I demand pics of it in the blaster immediately!


Damn nice work Bigmutha, look forward to pics MOAR! pics of this L2A1 project :+1: :heart_eyes:

Or a bitch or a Rhody for that matter. Make em all! :rofl:


Tough shit, they’re not done :joy:

I also am waiting to paint it, and wood tack the areas that need to be done. Also waiting to chuck a proper L2A1 bipod on it.

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You selling these?

Just a heads up, you’re pushing nearly $200 a mag for them. :wink: I’m a nut for the era though so was totally worth for me.

They are not mine and I doubt I would do it again😅

What adhesive did you use the join the two halves @Bigmuthadrums? I know you’ve mentioned it before (some sort of aircraft-grade shit) but I can’t remember what it is nor where you get it…

These are actually metal so are soldered together :flushed:
What I normally use is 3M AC-350 B-1/2 sealant which is an aircraft grade 2 part rubber for bonding. Have a look at blackwoods you may be able to get it from there👍


Could be a niche little market if you make some
Could have Taidi toys sell them.

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Really isn’t worth the time to mod them compared to what people would want to pay🤔