Lastest from JY the MSR 40

GuaiQiaoHu (Tigger) M40A6 / JieYing (Eagle) MSR
Not in Aus yet but looks a treat, Jy version comes with two barrels, long and effing longer. MPS is almost 80mps with shorter barrel and 70Mps with the longer one. GQH the first one with the plastic rounds was cheap though, 298RMB or $61AU… The JY is 600RMB which equates to just under $125AU. Bet they try for $300+ here when they arrive.

Oh, remember to set the subtitles to English if you don’t understand Chinese. Done in the settings on the YT screen.


Might get both if the price is not overly inflated by the Australian tax.


Look like a nice blaster, but it will retail at stupid amounts here.


there will probably be no shortage of buyers, they will already have them in a container shipment, so the freight fee will be the same…I estimate 350% profit :thinking: All the excuses under the sun about expenses etc, rare opportunity…bullshit…bullshit :dash: :dash: :dash:

I’d like to meet the guy who designs/adapts these from the real gear. I’m in awe.

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Damn they look nice. But we already know we’re gonna get so ripped on the price. I’m saying $400+. That’s my bet

Hell yeah. I can soon tick the MSR (MW3) off of my list of COD Snipers (that I used as a main in game). Got a close enough L118A (MW3) and a close enough L96A1 (Black Ops) in one blaster, the JY AWM. Need an M40A3 still, no one has had any in stock for a while now. Also waiting for any highly regarded company to release a Cheytac M200 Intervention (MW2), and X-Tac’s new wood + gas powered KAR98K (MW2019).

If only.
I reckon that stock and hand guard would cost quite a bit if sold separately. There is nothing like that on the market.


Keen for that second one, shell ejecting doesn’t appeal to me.


If I wanted that kind of realism I’d just get the real thing. :sunglasses:
Mind you, the price gaps are narrowing.

I haven’t gone shooting with my real steel in years to be honest. :joy:

Visit your local gnsmith if you need inspiration. :sunglasses:

Used to go on hunting trips etc. but mates who did that stopped going. Plus I find projectile sports more fun now since you’re getting shot back at.


Not to hijack my own post, but after I came home from my first overseas deployment, my brother in law took me out to do some Roo culling on the farm. Initially I never gave it any thought and we went out, Lined up my first Roo…I couldn’t fire.
The Roo wasn’t trying to kill me, it just stood there all majestic and Aussie like. I put the safety on and said that I needed to go back to the house, quickly. I have never shot an animal again, unless for humane reasons (Vic Bush fire 2009). I deployed several more times over the remaining 4.5 years and fired with intent many times and without hesitation.
The ability to identify from defenseless animals to evil and fanatical killers is easy to determine.

So, something like Gel ball is for me also fun and I do not even feel the need to own a real Steel at all, for the same reason Bradley has said. What goes around comes around and you can get together and laugh about it afterwards. All this and exercise too, what more could you ask for :hugs:


It is a personal thing but I agree. The so-called ‘sport’ of hunting with bow or firearm has no appeal.
For me as with gels, it’s the technical, what-ifs and combining and adapting knowledge and skills from other hobbies.

Not that working on ballistics, reading conditions and cooking up say a WinMag round that puts a HPBT through a ported barrel at 3300fps onto a target a km downrange isn’t enjoyable. :sunglasses:
Currently working on Creedmoors which are kinder and interested in the new NATO round.

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@ Cruise, I agree. I do shoot at targets at 800-1200 mtr when I feel the need for cordite farts and shoulder punches. I like that challenge and I use a Lapua 338 for that. My ex son in law keeps the rifle locked away in his safe and I shoot maybe 3 times a year.
Not this year though, been a bit housebound more than usual for some reason. It is true what you say, GBs combine many hobbies and the satisfaction is by far greater than I could have imagined.
I build flying RC planes, static plastic planes and I paint. I am building a road-legal flat tracker M/cycle because my cruiser is uncomfortable with this artificial knee. I weld, grind, cut and do the electrics on both cars and bikes.
I have become more and more daring in my ideas with blasters and currently have a lot drafted onto paper for now, before I cut. I also want to make moulds of some parts so I can have replacements if I FUBAR it all.

That, this community and the end result is what makes this so much fun for me, not just blaster weekends.


Good to hear mate, really admire what handy and imaginative blokes like you get up to.

338 Lapua is a great round.

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Guess everybody’s least favourite retailer is stocking the MSR. No word on pricing.

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Anyone we don’t like in particular :thinking: