LC Kids Blaster

I picked up a couple of these for the kids to play around with and just thought I’d share my thoughts for anyone else looking to get something for their kids. I know this will not appeal to many here but to some it might.
Link to store page here.

The blaster itself feels ok, nice enough plastic shell. All the accessories on the other hand are nasty cheap thin plastic. The spout for the bottle does not even screw on and the glasses are a throw away(like most). The stock pin is also plastic but seems ok for now.
So the blaster is on par or better than nerf quality but the other stuff is junk.
Also like the full size Wells G36C, the battery tray door is a bitch to close with the battery in it.

more like 0.127J

White plastic gearbox inside, the manual/auto is nice. Feels nice and consistent cocking and feeding in manual, very short stroke though. Sounds nice in auto too.
The advertised rate of fire seems about right 8 RPS. I was only getting 117 FPS out of it, tried a few gels; milkies, generic hardened blues and generic orange. all about the same.
looks as though its either a very short barrel inside or a very large barrel because I can fit a 9.5mm OD alloy barrel part way down the muzzle inside the plastic barrel?
Strange battery connector and wiring, might have to convert to run a standard short cell 7.4V.
I should get some time on the weekend to tear one down for a better look at it all and see if I can be made better. Not after field performance, just better.


Yes they are great fun just as they are.

I left a review on the kids SCAR on Renegade Blasters

I / we plink around the backyard all the time with it, especially in manual mode you can muck around for ages picking off all sorts of targets you can find.

Great fun plinker.


I did like your review. Thinking I should have grabbed the JM SCAR but couldn’t resist the G36C.

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Definitely post some pics of the gearbox when you get a chance mate. I’m curious to see what makes these things tick. LowGuido did a vid ages ago on the ‘fun-sized’ SCAR, from memory it’s got a pretty small gearbox in it, probs not much different to this one you’ve got.

Luochen, Lehui and several others make perfectly passable blasters and at good prices.
They’re no slouch either.
Performance is more than adequate for backyard fun and a possible step up to the non-kid versions of these toys.

The combination of small gearbox, small motor, poor seal and plastic barrel will still send gels a respectable distance.
Upgrades are limited. Easy fixes are seal and barrel. The motor would require cutting.

I got this to try and it is fun.

The battery connector used is a common shortcut that does both jobs. Good that they’re Li-ion. Many still come with NiCd.

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Stripped the blaster and took some photos.
I definitely think it is worth $50 and that $70 is a bit steep, maybe drop some of the accessories.
A 2nd mag or drum mag is needed, Spend too much time refilling for the young fella.
Might have to try something like this.
Should still work with a mechanical mag.

Plastic inner barrel about 125mm long including insertion length
OD 9.5 - 9.2mm
ID 7.5mm-ish
Outer barrel…sort of. 115mm long, nested into the tip against a shoulder
OD 12mm
ID 10.2 - 10.5mm

Some screws had been over tightened and stripped, no bite when screwing back in. Any tips on making that good again?

I did not open the gearbox up fully, my workbench for the day was out on the deck, very easy to loose small pieces that might spring or pop out. A little peak shows a typical gear set up just smaller and plastic.
Have no interest in replacing the spring and it seems to match the gearbox and motor well. A bigger spring might mean one minute of fun followed by a broken toy.
I did not check but I assume the piston head is a cup, might look at machining up a piston head for it but not sure if there is much to be gained.
Just needs a longer tighter barrel 7.0mm or 7.3mm by 230mm and a hop up.

Now I need to work out how to salvage the T-piece and remove the plastic barrel without destroying the T-piece. It becomes a little tricky without a 3D printer. Any suggestions?

Nice pics.
Only blaster in the layout with the mechanical mag feed is the Luochen EVO SMG.

Tpiece looks familiar but escapes me.

These guys in Malaysia sell the gearbox. I believe it’s also used in the Luochen Groza and 1st gen G36C and M249. Be lucky to find those now.

They may have the tpiece as well.

What is the internal diameter of the barrel?

A check of seals and an o-ring might be all you need before trying a stronger spring or adding spacers to increase compression.
It’s probably 120-130 stock fps.
I’m guessing you could eke out a respectable 160-175fps out of this.

Barrel removal from tpiece involves alternating dips in boiling and cold water and a bit of elbow grease.
A 3D printed one may not last long in that role. A resin print might.

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Thanks for the links Cruise.
Looks like the same gearbox to me, just a different battery plug.
The barrel ID is 7.5mm nominal, varies a little depending on where you measure it.
Didn’t think there would be a proper piston head in there, other cheap stuff I have had used a soft plastic cup. But your pics tell otherwise. :grinning:

Not looking for massive power out of these just usable range and accuracy, longer barrel would allow a hob up too.
Would definitely love me a ZPrinter or a liquid resin laser printer.

First thing, pic was to show you to same style gearbox.
The pistonhead you see is a homemade mod.

3 ways to increase fps with small gearbox.

  • convert pistonhead to improve seal
  • pad or change the spring to increase tension
  • use tighter barrel to increase displacement ratio