LDT 416 Warinterest v2

G’day, new to the forums, ive just got my habds on an ldt416v2 and im trying to get info on the mussel break removal and some other bits.

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The flash hider is a left hand thread - just unscrew it in the clockwise direction.

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The is a great blaster, when slightly modded anyway…
Changing the inner barrel to a 7.5mm one will improve the accuracy a fair bit.
A nice metal handguard is recommended, to eliminate wobble.

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The wobble is intense, im already looking at handguards, any point in putting the cnc metal gearbox in?

Awesome, do you have any suggestion on hopup?

I use LDTs own Hopup. It’s nylon moulded not 3D printed. I found the biggest improvement was changing out the stock barrel to one with a smaller ID .