LDT box into Wells

@hardy_sud asked for a how-to on putting the LDT V2 box into a Wells.
Spoiler Alert! This will not be a professional job like @BigWeetBix did for the MPX. I’m an amateur.

The LDT in a Wells receiver

Stock Wells against another modded Wells with LDT 3.0 box. You can see the difference in the fronts of the boxes.

The main difference between the Wells and other M4 types is the t-piece setup.
Stock receiver next to modded nylon one. The stock t-piece tube is screwed into the receiver body.
See the empty space under the nozzle in the modded one. I used the LDT t-piece that came with the box. These mode are for fitting that t-piece.

You unscrew the tube from the reciver, then cut out the nylon (or plastic if you are using the stock clear one) that’s left. See nylon one below. The gap I cut in the top of the mag well wasn’t to fit the gearbox, but to clear the t-piece when fitting the upper receiver. It’s approx 13mm deep.

You will probably have to file down parts of the inner sides of the receiver to clear the box. This is something you will have to check yourself as you go. These things aren’t built to fine tolerances, so where I had to file mine down, yours may clear. The mag contact plates and the selector plate were just hitting on mine. You can see in the nylon one above where I filed off parts of the top side above the mag well. Also had to file a bit off one of the internal ribs.

The LDT t-piece will fit into the upper, you have to cut out part of the rib that extends out from the side that you can see next to the rear of the stock t-piece in the clear receiver.

As for the rest:
I just put a 1.3 spring and alloy o-ringed nozzle into the gearbox.
Used the stock Wells motor (they’re not bad for a stock motor)
Stock Wells handgrip (replaced the base plate with one with an adjustable screw)
Because the mag contact spacing is different, you can’t use the Wells mag, so I thought I’d try a gen8 magazine and see what i had to do to fit it. It went straight in. Couldn’t believe it.
Have tried a 350mm 7.5 alloy barrel, and a 400mm 7.2 stainless. The 350 was more consistent, but that probably was the gels.
Hope you get some help from this, and I haven’t bored everyone else to tears.


Mate that’s some top work!

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How did the LDT Gbox perform once fully assembled ?
Nice job as well.

As for the performance, first up I have to admit the gearbox mods of 1.3 spring and alloy nozzle were from the first time I put it together.

I then tried another spring I had, still 1.3 but approx 12mm longer. While I had it apart, I replaced the piston (not sure what the teeth on the stock one are, but they don’t seem like metal to me) with one from a Wells upgrade kit. Took off one and a half teeth off the back and one off the front. Still used the o-ringed alloy nozzle and 350mm alloy barrel. Bit of a difference, as you can see.

When I saw your question today, I thought before answering I’d try a few different barrels and see what happens.

All done with Warinterest milkies. The LDT barrel that comes with the gearbox was very consistent with fps, the 385mm barrel probably the best for accuracy (over approx 17m)
And before someone says the rof is not very high in all the readings, remember this is from a stock Wells motor.

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Thank you. Appreciate it.

Thnxs for the feedback mate