LDT HK 416D Tight Barrel Nut

Hey Guys!
In this post I’ll be discussing and sharing the method and tool that I used to crank off a really tight barrel nut on the stock LDT HK 416D gel blaster.

I know the topic of a tight hk barrel nut has been covered in a couple of posts before but I thought I’d post what worked for me. Now this might seem like obvious knowledge for the vets of gel blasters but as a noob I found it had to find good Info on this problem specifically.

Some people I’ve talked to don’t have any problems twisting off the barrel nut that comes with the HK to put on another nut/handguard. My barrel nut, on the other hand, was very tight. It seems that some barrel nuts on the HKs are more tight then others. Some people has resorted to dremeling off the nut which results in the destruction of the nut and, in some cases, the outer barrel.

This is the barrel nut that comes off the HK. Keep in mind that it is made up of 3 parts. 2 halves of plastic that make up the channel for the handguard’s ‘Locking Bolt’ and also houses the thread that screws into and over the upper receiver’s thread, and 1 outer plastic ‘collar’ that goes around the 2 inner halves to keep them together.

To get sufficient grip and leverage on the nut to get it off I’ve just used a simple pair of adjustable vise grips as shown below

Remember that this particular barrel nut/reciever thread is just the same as any old screw or bolt. It loosens counter clockwise so lefty loosy, righty tighty. When you grip the barrel nut you have to do so on the part that has the channel in it, as it’s the only part that’s connected to the threads. The outer collar will just spin around and around if you grip it instead.

You can see above where I have gripped the barrel nut.
After twisting off that barrel nut you can put a new one on that works for your needs.
Hopefully that’s gonna help someone someday haha
Apologies for the long post, I just wanted to go into detail.
Just for good measure here’s a picture of my HK with its new handguard


I know who you’re talking about lol :expressionless:
Honestly, relieved I wasn’t the only one that had that issue and that this thread would’ve help months ago before I went the drastic route :confused:

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I didnt post this to point out that other people’s methods were wrong haha , just how it worked for me and that hopefully it helps other people with the same issue

One step backwards, how do you get the handguard off the 416 in the first place? I’m having trouble working out how to do it.z

Hey man, to get the original handguard off, there is a Bolt and a nut that goes though the channel in the barrel nut. It’s right here in the red

Just hold onto the nut with some pliers and screw the bolt out on the other side with a hex bit, Im not sure of the size since I don’t have it with me. After the Bolt and nut are out 2 little plastic spacer things will fall off (it’s normal) and then you can just pull off the handguard off over the gas block and boom, ya done

Awesome thanks I thought that was for cosmetic purposes and didn’t want to mess with it in case I broke it. Will try that way cheers!

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For sure Haha, Good luck