LDT HK MP5 owners pics

Fitted with a forward wiring kit and running off normal 11.1v stick battery.


Looks nice. But I have heard there are some issues with these blasters ?
Are you able to confirm this ?

Nice :slight_smile: Did you make the forward wiring kit yourself or would you happen to have a link for that?

Made it myself. A mini tamiya plug at the stock end with silicone wire running through the receiver to the handguard where I can use a standard stick battery. This allows me to unplug that line, attach the solid stock and run the original battery. It is interesting to note that there is an opening at the front of the receiver already and a channel for the wires to run alongside the gearbox. It was just a pain to thread the wires through because i did it while it was mostly assembled. If i stripped it down and hot melted the wiring in place it probably would have been easier. The only issue I have is whether I should shorten the original wiring from the gearbox as there is so much excess to tuck inside the collapsible stock end cap. I think I will because I feel it is just as easy to change the battery by taking the whole stock off as it is to take the solid stock end cap off. Its definitely a blaster for the more experienced user. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone new to the game. You really have to like working on blasters as this is going to be a challenge to work on, set up how you want it, and then maintain.

A couple of negatives are -
The magazine catch which needs a bit of a touch up to make smoother quicker mag changes, or mags which need a touch up to fit better. You choose. Its an interface issue. Sometimes you have to move the mag around to get that lock in click.
The accuracy out of the box is a bit average on mine, but I’m going to change the barrel once my sweetheart hopups arrive.
The screws for the mid mount sling point on the mag well were not done up fully which was a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure you go over it thoroughly if you buy one.
The fact that there is still a lot of nylon on it. I was expecting a few more metal parts as standard. ie the charging handle, foresight. magwell, mag release etc.
It takes a bit of practice to get the orientation of the fire selector plate right when putting the gearbox back in.
Putting the gearbox back in requires a few internal parts to line up at the same time. Blow back, mag terminals, fire selector plate etc
Mag size. The stick mags are short on shots. I will be modifying at least one of my MP5K double stackers to run in this to give me the 360ish? shots I get from my K.

Some of the Pros are -
Solid build
Beefy trigger
Modular potential once parts are readily available
Features incorporated into the design, ie wiring channel, threaded nose cap, details like welds, pre colored fire selection, HK slap etc
The inclusion of sling points , which the HQ MP5K which I also own doesn’t have.
The feel of it. It just feels nice to hold. And I have fired these in a past life. Mine sits at just under 2kg in its A3 configuration. Once i swap out all the nylon for metal and replace the front guard with the tac light variant it will be getting close to real weight. That’s about as close as you can get to owning the real thing without a Cat D firearms license.

Would I recommend one?
Any competent gel blaster enthusiast who has spent hundreds of hours rebuilding blasters and likes the MP5 will love the challenge of this blaster. It is what it is, and like all blasters out there on the market it has pros and cons. I have owned over 20 blasters to date and none of them have been to my satisfaction straight out of the box. I think I currently own 15? Only a handful of them are reliable and fun to use. You will regularly see me running the UMP, MP5K, ACR The rest are in the ‘to do’ pile. Most of the cons can be overcome by rebuilding and upgrading. The same can be said of all other blasters. You will hear horror stories and success stories with these I am sure, but at the end of the day there still is NO blaster out there off the shelf that doesn’t require some work or ongoing maintenance. I have had plenty of conversations with Lee from M4A1 in his workshop about these issues. We both agree that there is still a long way to go in this sport with regards to the technology, but it is running in the right direction with continual improvements always coming. This blaster is just that. An improvement on its predecessors in the GB world. I can’t wait to see whats next.


Nice write up! I think at this point I just want to find someone who is willing to send me their stick mag for this drum mag.


I managed to get 3. Still waiting on the post to arrive. I also have the tac light handguard on the way.

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Was that from that website yesterday that had no stock?

Cool, thanks for the review, much appreciated !
I guess the average LDT V2 gearbox in it, and the stock barrel (whats the barrel inner diameter ?) would explain the average accuracy, bit like the LDT HK416.

After some minor mods to the LDT hop up which comes with it, I am happier with the accuracy.


nice diehard 2 reference


You’re the only one who has picked that up!


Looks cool, with the blue blank round magazine !
If only were in the US, a new SP5 civilian semi-auto only model was released late last year for sale there. Looks identical to the MP5. But is pretty expensive too.

Hey mate, what mods did you do to the hop-up?

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Literally brand new but she’s so puuurdy. Now I need to find somewhere I can find that suppressor handgrip and that top rail to add a sight.

(Only put 5 or so mags through it. But with a few tweaks to the hop up that came with it. It’s shooting pretty damn accurate)


What did you do to the hop up that came with the ■■■ to gain some accuracy? I cant seem to figure it out.

that thing is a true oddball, took me quite a while to work it out properly. So with this one it doesn’t adjust normally the way you normally do with a grub screw. This one adjusts by how hard its pushing against the barrel, so the front little “nib” before the barrel where the hop up sits actually screws, but does it kind of in clicks. So put your hop up in, “click/spin” your outer barrel nib until your hop up is flush with the end. if you need more hop, screw the nib in more and push the hop up till it’s flush again. I did that enough and got a pretty damn good accuracy at about 20m which is my max at home. I’ll play more when on a field but without that hop up the accuracy is trash lol, but once i got it tuned in I’m honestly quite happy with it.

Now one thing i did find out is id you pull out that entire front nib, it will eventually out out fine enough my DKJ9 will screw in in its place. I only have one for my J9 but once i get another i might put it on my Mp5 as you’ll need to file a small bit away so it sits flush with that little bolt/rivet that sits on the front, you could just cut that bolt away, but personally i don’t want to remove it.

do note though. DON’T USE ULTRAS IN YOUR MP5!!! Stick to Aka or gladaitors. The ultras within a mag constantly jam to the point where I have to manually prime the mag until the gel crushes because it wont feed at all whatsoever. Yet to try the Aka or gladiators in it yet, but given my experience with my others they should work alot better.

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How about using LDT’s proprietary gels? Their warinterest harden 3.0?

I haven’t tried them so I can’t speak on them. I did get a pack of I think the warinterest reds with mine though I’m keen to try

Cheers mate, im not sure i fully get that but i will give it a go in the morning see if i can achieve anything.

I can chime in on the gel balls, i was using the warinterest hardened milky whites and they where going fine woke up the next morning and they had all gone to shit, about 2 litres wasted. They wouldn’t fire, kept disintegrating in the magazine and blocking it, an absolute mess. Then i opened a pack of the warinterest harder reds and they are amazing, every single one fires nice they are definitely harder, and possibly smaller.

Here’s the top rail mate :slight_smile:

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