LDT HK MP5 owners pics

It’s a little difficult to explain honestly. So many small parts with that whole setup. It’s awesome. But difficult to explain. Tomorrow I’ll take a few pics to try and help.

That part there actually spins on its own reverse thread. You can screw/unscrew to let the hop up when you push the hop flush to where you want to set the hop up.

Yeah i know that but where and how exactly does the 2 piece hop up go on? Sorry im just relatively new to blasters and this is my first time dealing with hop ups.

That hop up you get with it literally slides in the front opening of your barrel so the little ribbed paddle is at the top. Should just slide straight in. Should’ve gotten a little sucker looking like this with yours.

Like that

Oh okay thank you heaps now i understand how it all sits together, i just have to figure out how to tune it now.

So basically adjustments to the hop up are achieved simply by adjusting thr muzzle once the hop up has been seated on the barrel?

I’m a sense yeah. Just physically push the hop up inside really hard and you’ll see it changes hop. Spinning the outside bit let’s you line it up so the hop is flush with the outer barrel. I’ve found that’s how the hop stays at that adjustment.

a quick question
when you guys purchased your mp5 did they come with a stick mag and a drum or only the drum mag

only the drum. from my understanding there were issues with the stick

awsome thanks

Hey @FiremanDan, what brand of buttstock did you buy? Where did you source it? I can only find the HQ MP5K version.

If that’s the one from Zhenduo for $70, then that should work fine. I got mine from aliexpress awhile back for $50 but it looks the same.

Looks great mate where did you get the buttstock and handguard from? I want to get the handguard with the intergrated suppressor but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Mines now about 80% complete. Mag prime on its way. I think I’ve solved that dilemma. The dkj9 is being Annoying. It’s not quite straight? Still working on that. I just put in metal gears. Mine came with nylon :roll_eyes: but right now it’s looking like a sexy little thing. Now I just have to find a stick mag for it and I’ll be set.