Ldt hk416 dream upgrade list (help me plan for the future)

So me and a buddy both just got metal geared variants of the hk416, and as much as I love it out of the box there’s no way I’m leaving it stock.

What I’d like from all you fine people is input on what I should be looking into installing into it to make it… more awesome. There’s a green o ring, hop up and an m90 or 100 spring on the cards already, but what else would one look at putting in it over an extended period of time with budget not being too critical. Also wanting to preserve accuracy over going nuts on fps.

Toying with the idea of getting an alloy retroarms gearbox and slowly assembling the internals.

Cheers all

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The standard gear box is a problem for me added 1.25 unequal spring green o-ring 7.5 x450mm fb barrel made 260-270 average on chronograph there is not enough bracing at the top of the box prob did 10 mags before top of the box opened up enough to let the cylinder rise and then strip the piston not happy i have add a brace to improve it but the reto arms box would be mint for strength and reliability not in my budget for a gel blaster though airsort would be a different story hawkex have all the metal up grades coming still love the hk

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After a conversation with gel blasters Australia, it turns out that split gearboxes aren’t ideal in nylon receivers. Needs the metal receiver to help keep tension on the top section, and nylon springs a bit. It works, but it’s sub optimal was the techie’s words. The solid retroarms one will be perfect though

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alloy SHS piston and piston head with full metal rack, silver wiring to replace the stock stuff, SHS 1 piece cyclinder and cylinder head (no leaks), titan MOSFET, Omron 10.0 amp trigger switch upgrade, SHS 18:1 metal gears, 8mm bearing with tracks for the gears, is that enough lol could keep adding like 11.v lipo battery, lonex A1 Airsoft motor high torque longshaft. hope that hasn’t overwhelmed ya. best advice would be to read up on the parts listed to give U and idea of what each mods will do to then decide what things to upgrade

Cheers, that’s exactly the sort of input I was chasing. I’ve got the retroarms gearbox and shs bushes to start from, but what’s the advantage of the bearings exactly? I’ve seen more bearings fail in life than bushes.
Good news is the blaster already has silver wiring, so that’s something

I find bushings are better for high ROF builds if you go that route less likely to fail on you like bearings would

nice bro I’m looking at getting a retro arms myself heard better things over the aps. yes bushes overall will withstand more stress but if you lube ya box right lol and gears are properly shimmed that takes heaps of strain off them and don’t go cheap or crazy on bearings mid range perform well just make sure their the exposed Nesrin bearings with the tracks which are between each bearing to prevent dirt build up. I did this with all mine and so far only replaced one set in past 12months and I’ve used them several times

The first thing I advise is don’t listen to a word the GBA techs tell you !
The split boxes are great and bearings are not a problem unless you are the guy who does no maintenance , bearings won’t toletate no lubricant so need regular oiling .
Nothing wrong with bushes though.

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That sounds like there’s a bit of a story there. As far as my friends and my own experiences go, we’ve been pretty happy with the gba team.

Anyhow, I ended up changing my plans a bit, with just the basic upgrades for the hk416. The retroarms gearbox is getting jammed into a custom build, which I’d like to get finished in the next fortnight.

Hi all where would I be able to buy the metal retroarms gearbox from

How did you go I’d like to see your list of parts and 416. I just ordered the 3.0 will get it next week fingers crossed