LDT hk416 J9 compatibility

Hey guys any of you that have got your hands on one of the LDT hk416 do you know if the reciever fits J9 m4 fishbones and buffer tubes

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Think it will, however, the HK416 uses a special type of front handguard with the top rail being a different height to a regular M4 handguard. Plus the front gas block on the barrel will most likely not fit inside an M4 handguard anyway. You need the proper HK handguard for this, so a bit more $$ to be spent, Iā€™m afraid.
I got the Gieselle Automatics handguard, is fantastic, but expensive. Plus, I still had to heavily modify the front gas block to fit inside the handguard. Definitely worth it though.

Five minutes with a Dremel will have the Geissele mounted and your HK416D looking the bees knees


Awesome ! Yes, that Geiselle handguard is great alright, makes it so much better.
I will next get a Magpul UBR stock for my 416, and I think then that will be it !

thats HOT! please link but stock:)

Cheap as chips
[AU$28.50]Tactical Nylon DD Buttstock Holster for JinMing Gen9 M4A1 J9 Gel Ball Blaster Toy Professional Tools from Tools, Industrial & Scientific on banggood.com