LDT HK416 V3 Remington RAHG 9.5 Handguard

Sup Fellas,

New to this awesome hobby.

Need some help if anyone can shed some light…

Got a 416 V3 and want to install a Remington RAHG 9.5 inch handguard.

The default gas block won’t fit unless I hack off the top, bottom and ears…

So I’m looking at getting a Warinterest barrel to run a BCM low profile gas block and still use a 14mm ccw flash hider.

The question is, Which barrel length should I get to replace the oem barrel and gas block?

I would like to use the original setup, oem inner barrel and hop up that comes with the V3.

Will it matter if a outer barrel is longer than the inner barrel and hop up combined, so its hidden inside? Or does it need to sit at the tip and can a 14mm flash hider still fit with it?

Open to any other suggestions.


Hi mate welcome to the forums. You have a fair few options here and it’s really hard to help without meeting face to face with blaster in hand. If you have the means to cut an inner barrel then I have found it easier to just setup the outer barrel components first to where you would like, then cut an inner barrel to match the rest and be just the right length to fit the hop up. All you would need to buy is a inner alloy barrel, remove the t-piece from the old barrel with hot water and glue it onto the new, then cut it (not too short!) to fit just perfectly, or a touch too long shouldn’t matter as the gas block does have a bit of play (you can move it forward or back a fair bit to suit your inner barrel) I know I haven’t answered all your questions but I hope I’ve helped a little and not confused you :+1:

Thanks mate, appreciate the info. That should help lots when I muck around with different barrel lengths. For now, Ive just ordered another standard gas block, will just cut that one up and get it to fit on the original setup. Eventually do want to get the VCF/Umarex style outer barrel and gas block assembly, like the one on monkee mods, but its out of stock and cant find it anywhere… If you know where I could get one would be awesome :grin:

would you happen to want to get rid of the stock v3 gas block? Im looking for one.