LDT HK416 War Interest T-Piece

Hey all,
How does the inner barrel connect to the gearbox on the War Interest? The T-Piece looks like the attached photo, but when I slide it into the little notches on the gearbox it’s very loose and falls out easily.

The spring pushes it back against the box when the upper goes on

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Oh ok, thanks. Does the spring go on the two long notches towards the right side on the image?

If goes over the barrel and sits up against the t piece


Beautiful, thanks… What pushes the spring back towards the gearbox though?

The outer barrel t piece adapter that goes in the front of the receiver, the spring sits up against it

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Where are the outer barrel t piece adapters sold?

You mean this?


Yes your HK should have one

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Oh I see. Does the one I linked from Big Boss Tactical work?

I haven’t used that one but I would say no, you need one that suits the HK WI t piece

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I wanna ask about the t-piece on the hk416, do I need to put epoxy/glue around the inner barrel and glue it inside the t-piece or do you just friction it in?

I allways glue mine with epoxy but others use hot melt glue

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Oh crap. Guess that means I’m gonna have to get another t-piece then.