Ldt hk416d help me

hi guys I may be bringing up a stupid question but I haven’t had any luck searching the forum as yet. the warinterest gearbox has a different nozzle, t piece and cylinder head to any of my jm blasters. the tappet is also different to suit short stroke of nozzle. nozzle length and diameter is also smaller. I need to replace the cylinder head as it wasn’t drilled correctly from new. I cannot for the life of me find anything 2 suit from alot of spare parts I have or for sale new. is there a combination that will work?


Hey mate it took me a while to find them too but there’s a few places that sell them check out renegade blasters or beastpro gelballmod also has them as well I believe

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thanks mate ill check them out. I bought the blaster from renegades as well as a gen 9 for the young fella. I love the hk but after buying alot of upgrades I found I put most into the gen 9. if we decide to go metal gearbox casing with the ldt what do we buy?

I couldn’t tell you what metal box’s fit in the hk receiver as I’m only using the gearbox in a custom job I put together. Seems pretty solid tho I’ve been using a element m135 spring, shs 18/1 gears, swapped the cylinder for a non ported, cylinder head and nozzle from beastpro and a bearing v2 spring guide. With a 40cm 7.5 id alloy barrel get an average of 400 fps swap that for a stainless tight bore at the same length and I get about 460 average. Now just waiting to see how long it last till it goes kaboom

that sounds wicked. im also waiting for the breakage. I am running a 1.5 unequal spring gen 9 full cylinder 16.1 super shooters unknown piston with metal rail. 40cm ss barrel. the nozzle and cylinder head really let’s it down. I have great seal until nozzle is in a firing position. I have no other problems with this set up for quite a while until melting a trigger couple days ago. it shoots through half a beer can at 10-15m if I’m lucky enough to actually hit a can

I don’t have a chrono yet. mosfet 1st then chrono.
thanks for the tip I found cylinder head and nozzle the gelballmod :+1:

Yeah I burnt through 2 trigger switches got a t238 mosfet broke that before I even got to fire it :tired_face: reshimed it and the third switch seems to be handling it well. The bevel to pinion was off and caused the problem I believe.

I have ordered the t238 also. do you use the stock trigger with them or do I need to get 1 to suit? my trigger is fine but the copper wedge contact is a puddle. got to give it to warinterest I have given my box a hiding and hasnt given up. I always intended on a metal box so I thought i would just keep going and see where it fails

Not wrong about it being a solid unit. The trigger you have will be fine with the mosfet and it looks like they are using a different switch for the trigger on the newer units so you should have better luck than me with it

great. thank u for the help

shs cylinder head match up very well