LDT HK416D v3.0 instructions for assembling the TOY

Hi, I bought Gel Blaster LDT HK416D v3.0 from a Chinese e-shop. Unfortunately, I received the Gel Blaster completely disassembled. The gearbox is also in pieces. The problem is that I have no idea how to put it together, and also I am not sure if they have sent me all the parts. There are only two washers for the gears.
Does anybody have the detailed instructions on how to assemble the gearbox and the complete Gel Blaster please?

Thank you all for help.

first up…put the weapon to one side and work on the gel blaster :angry:

terminology matters.


The terminology has been corrected. But you didn’t help me much :frowning:

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The lack of help is tied to not having any experience with that specific unit.

Someone else will no doubt be along shortly

This is a review but the reviewer almost completely disassembles the blaster. You can probably work backwards from the video, but if you have specific questions, ask away.


Like any of these model blasters, only replies will come from people who own the same as your particular blaster, or have the knowledge that you are asking for.
YouTube review videos specific to your blaster are a great source of information. Check them out as many show complete strip downs and reassembly :+1:


So it’s completely disassembled? Gearbox and everything?

How much did you pay for it?

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Um… it’s possible. Those of us who’ve essentially done it have a box hidden away at the back of the shed of all of the parts we broke learning how to do it though.

Youtoob will have the best resources on how they come apart and go back together. But I’d refer you to Negative a soft’s video where he’s given a bunch of parts and basically puts them in a box, pulls a new (complete and assembled) gearbox out and runs with that. Not worth his time or his client’s money to put bits together from scratch…

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Unfortunately, I paid the A-K Uncle Jungle troops Store to Aliexpress for two LDT HK416D v3.0 gel blasters. He only sent me one incomplete and damaged receiver. Now he’s making a fool of himself. But it was the only way to order a gel blaster from abroad to Slovakia.
I paid 150.-EUR for one gel blaster.

I’ve watched more videos on YouTube, but since I didn’t disassemble the gearbox, it’s hard for me to put it together.

And most of all, I feel like I’m missing some screws. I’m definitely missing these things in the picture:

That is actually ridiculous. Have you gotten into contact with the seller?

Communication with the seller is difficult, as he apparently wanted to cheat and rob me from the beginning.

Can you advise where I could order the missing parts?

Thank you and have a nice day

Ok… So lets get to the reassembly

Noobs directory has a gearing post

In there you will find rattlers shimming post

Lots of pictures and the occasional video and we can rebuild you by proxy.

First up, lay out the parts you’re unsure of and we’ll start naming the bits.

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I can’t advise you where to get the missing parts, but none of them are for your gearbox so you can definitely start assembling it.

Some people spend money on a blaster, it breaks, then they have to learn how to fix it.

You will already know the thing inside and out before it breaks.

It’s gonna be a journey, but you will get there!

Those little washers are shims.

Buy a packet, we will need them :+1:

Being built with the assistance of the locals here, could be a while before it breaks eh

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hope its not too late to help out, i do own a sijun81-2 M4A1, not the HK416. However, they both have the same LDT 3.0 gearbox. The thing that you circled seem to be a long screw that holds the gearbox. If you notice the gearbox has a similar sized hole, thats where the long screw goes tru.

i can dismantle mine and reassemble them if you need video/photos guide :slightly_smiling_face:

Grease, grease and more grease

heres what i can think of for the missing parts in the image

Thank you all so much! Special thanks to @levion689. A detailed video of disassembling and especially assembling of the gearbox would really help me a great lot.
Where could I buy the “shims” for gearbox LTD 3.0?
I am surely missing the parts you marked as B and E, so I will have to buy those. I would prefer buying metal ones, if they exist for the type of Gel Blaster that I have.

@levion689 just to add, your full metal Gel Blaster is really amazing!

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