LDT HK416D V3 any help appreciated

Hi everyone!

Just purchased one of these (always used the SKD1911 modded to the gills in CQB stuff) this is my first gel rifle.

I am looking for a few tips and any info on a few little frustration points.

What gels should I be using? The milkys I was given with this one literally blow apart about 20% of the time before exiting the barrel?

The accuracy at anything past 5m even with the HOP is horrendous, or does that come down to gel selection?

The mag, sometimes I can see little bits and pieces of broken gels down inside it, sometimes it feeds two at a time. Also when it is seated, the mag seems loose in the rifle (there is a lot of back and forward play)

Any help to get this bad boy firing like a lazer would be greatly appreciated, or should I get rid of it and go get an M4 and kit it out?

Cheers in advance, J.L.

Hey iv got the v3 i dont seem to have those problems mine is the most accurate gell blaster i have used
When it come to the gells i found the war interest hardened whight seem to work best armor teach seems to jam up the mag alot

Make shore not to ober fill your mag as thr gells get squished into the gap when you close the door