LDT MP5 Handguard

im looking for a handguard for the ldt mp5 that has tactical rails i found this on aliexpress anyone know if it will fit?

Designed for the ldt mp5 but seems manufactured not to a great quality.

Edit: actually I think it’s for an air soft mp5. Not our ldt

so do you think i could make it work? its just a couple more mm longer than the standard one

I honestly don’t know. If you have the knowledge almost anything can be modified to fit. But it might be worth waiting for the proper stuff to come out. It’ll likely be more expensive but a guaranteed fit.
For example

AU $116.20 4% Off | PB Playful baOutdoor sports toys tactical excitement MP5 MI CNC M system fish bone water bomb modification accessories LDT OD124

Then you can just add M-LOK rails from x-force or something like that to have the same effect. That however would send you back like 150…

have you heard anything about the proper one coming out yet?

There’s a bunch on AliExpress like the one I linked above. But as to when they’ll be in aus. I have no idea. Armoured heaven a while back did say he was getting in a bunch of accessories and metal stick mags for the mp5 though. So hopefully not much longer.