Ldt mp7, Mgl and g36 most hyped release since colins left nut was sold

I really would love a g36 and ump such Cool unique non m4 blasters


Siblings to follow, disappointment aplenty with the MP5K Gasser, oh well. Another UMP would always find a home with me.

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Ohh sorry my bad forgot pics I’ll put a link to a vid of the plump which will have the g36 in it aswell https://youtu.be/ZB-bwAUONYA

I followed your links elsewhere, and yes you’re correct, very nice, bring’em on.

Yes there quite nice I like the g36 more but the ump is also awesome I love every ldt blaster

They are looking damn fine! Great to see that his missus hasn’t kicked him out for getting this …unlike his last video :joy::+1:



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Glad to see it’s the ‘C’ version as the Rifle length versions look a bit goofy to me, to me.
I’m a life long devotee of Heckler & Koch and I’m sure that over time (how long is time) I’ll collect and replicate them all. I don’t have any LDT Blasters but do have their M4 Magazines which the quality and feel of is excellent. Currently chasing a decent H&K MP5K as I know they exist out there, missed out on a members upgraded G36 with regret and I think (did I dream it) that CEH had a GBBR G36 many months ago, and for under $800, surely I dreamt that. Looking forward to some hands on review of this Blaster.

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I am also extremely excited about the mp5k from ldt which I have another thread explaining this but in short it’s a kit for the ldt mp5

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Have missed the thread you mention and started it seems.
I am very very interested in grabbing a MP5K to PDW the fark outta. I’ve looked at the LDT MP5 Blaster but due to the config, that being the full size version, I never jumped on one. Interested in this conversion you have discovered, link please, for the lazy.

Not in Aus yet just when I contacted ldt they said a kit would be coming soon

If you click on my profile and look at my threads one should be about the mp5k that will tell you everything about what’s happening with it that we know

I aint but a tyre kicker, I’m onto the ‘K’, full bore, all in, and all out.
I can’t figure the instructions you have given out, nope, no sirree, not me. Could ya please, pretty pretty please shove me in the direction and area I need to be, no linkly, no problem, the thread title would be fine, I want IN!, thank you, I’m sure I’ve buzzed around it, hovered right over it, but landing on the thread proper, no such luck

Ldt mp5k a kit not entirely new blaster apparently should be the name of my thread

Sorry I was incorrect just then the actual title is Ldt mp5k not an entirely new blaster just a kit apparently

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Would have been a lot easier to just post a link :grin:

Thanks Deadsquid, (never typed that arrangement of letters before)
I’ll be sure to let you know if I find anyway forward with the MP5K’s though I’m sure you’ll be all over it first. The future is K

The LDT G36C is about 4-6 weeks away apparently.

Currently on a Wells V4 G36C and I’ve fixed most of the issues I have with it.

  • Put in brass threaded inserts and M2 bolts to replace the screws that just go into the plastic to hold it together so no more spun screws
  • Installed a T238 MOSFET
  • Installed a micro switch so the charging handle actually does magazine prime
  • Metal gears - stock nylon gears lasted about 10mins with an 11V battery
  • Ported the cylinder - ratio was WAY off for the short barrel
  • Replaced the cylinder head so it seals properly
  • Warwolf piston as the stock one was rubbish and other aftermarket ones were wrong dimensionally and would derail
  • Metal spring retainer
  • Ausgel 1.18 spring
  • Designed and 3D printed a reinforced retainer plate to go with a countersunk M5 stainless bolt for the metal spring retainer - the stock one doesn’t work with the metal spring retainer. The new one fits flush into the same hole.
  • Rizer V2 hopup
  • 3D printed spacer for the barrel to stop lateral movement of the Rizer hopup
  • Replaced all of the wiring with quality wire - no BS magic unicorn silver wire here! :slight_smile:

It now runs 290-295FPS consistently all day with AK’s.

Having watched the review on the LDT G36C, it’s on the shopping list as it looks to have most of what I done to my Wells plus some more.

I’d really like to see a full metal G36C like the Atomic Armoury x Double Bell HK416 I saw at Gel City last weekend.


Lot of work to be done on my Wells G36C V3-4. Looks like I’m following the same path as you for most of it. Except I’m going for a longer barrel, 350mm long 7.3mm ID

Don’t suppose you have a link to the threaded brass inserts you used? Id love to do the same but unsure of which ones will fit.

Made my own stainless spring retainer and retainer retainer for my Wells g36c, the stock retainer wouldn’t even fit the ausgel 1.18 or other springs I tried.

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Have you seen ihobby have another Wells G36C supposedly with metal gearbox and gears?

Looks like the same shell though, think I’d rather the LDT or an aìrsoft conversion that brakes apart more realistically and less screws :roll_eyes: