LDT Tracer mag in Double Bell TTI TR1

Got it to fit in nicely, gels feed, but get 4-5 gels in the receiver/gearbox area after use.
Pretty new to blasters, is this a normal thing? Or is it because I’m using a mag not made for the blaster?


As in they fall out when you pull the mag out? If so that’s normal. It’s the gels left in the t piece falling out. It’s a thing with every blaster.

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Yeah when I take the mag out, but I’ll look into the mag well and there will be some wedged behind and around the t piece :thinking:

Works fine though. Just that losing gels everytime you take the mag out is crappy haha

If you hold the blaster upside down I fire should empty the remainder in the t piece if it bothers you that much