LDT Warinterest Gears

Anybody use these or seen somewhere else that stocks them other than monkee mods who are out of stock?
LDT gears
Saw GJ using a 16:1 set on a youtube vid and i wanna test them out

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same here, saw it in one of his build vid, and started looking into it
the build quality seems to be better than SHS ones,
but so far hasn’t found anyone selling it :sweat:

Please explain why you think that ?

ok found some on aliexpress. AKuncle got them

Share the link to that ?

$27 for fastest shipping lol

the heck, i literally checked last night and didnt see any XD

the surface and teech looks a bit rougher on the SHS gears
warinterest ones looks more smooth

I see they are messing with the tappet timing , interesting maybe because of the issues with the HK’s ?

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i moved mine on nylon gears to leave nozzle closed longer for longer barrels hence my desire to try metal ones setup the same.
Siegetek are same spot too just wider and i would rather test with $30 gears than $200+


the tappet notch can be relocated O_o?!

A little off topic here so forgive me but has anyone heard any feedback on the Siegetek gears? Or had any first hand expereince with them?
A little overkill for a blaster?