Legality of buying Gel Ball Blasters online

I’m planning on buying a JinMing m4a1 gen 9 through AliExpress to the U.K. however I’m not sure if it’s ok to send it here.

Although it’s a toy and perfectly legal to own in the U.K. (just like any ■■■■■■■ ■■■ as long as half of it is not coloured black - which I’m planing to do), it is classed as a “Realistic Intimidation Firearm” and has restrictions on the “selling, import and manufacture” under VCRA 2006.

I’m afraid that if I buy it through AliExpress it will be seized by customs, is there any way I can still buy it (like buying all the components separately)?

Rather than trying to sneak it through customs, wouldn’t you be better asking them how to get an import permit for it? Or perhaps your local store that sells air soft can help you with importing it (you are in the UK, yes?)

Better to ask the supplier first


Hang on a sec… I just had a brilliant idea!! stars

Why not buy one locally? noidea

That way, you don’t have to worry about it being snatched at cuztims, don’t need a permit, don’t have to pay so much freight, don’t have to pay 10% gts… and you don’t have to wait 3 weeks to get it (if you do eventually get it that is) violin

Are you thinking of a garden variety Gen 9 blaster? Or something special (that requires importing privately?) pop

You can get a Gen 9 from this mob for less than $AU150 with the code POLKA at the moment… with free express postage… and no drama


EDIT: Oh… you are IN the UK?.. I have never heard of anyone importing one to the UK from OZ… I would suggest you find someone here to get one of those cheap ones… and pull it apart and send in a couple of parcels… Not that I am sneaky or nothing like that lie%20emo :money_mouth_face:

Unfortunately importing requires a membership which I can’t get, there at no local stores here in the U.K. and eBay or amazon doesn’t have any U.K. stock for that blaster.

In other words the only option is to buy it online which I’m not sure is legal.

Thanks for the replies

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Do you have any friends or family over here who could post you one in bits?

Hey guys, I live in the UK and purchased two blasters (a well M4 and a gen9 scar) from and they both arrived fine with no issues nice and early.

The site has got a dedicated UK stock page (which is where I got mine from) and they state the if you purchase one from here to the UK if they are in stock in their UK warehouse that will be sent from there, if they don’t the items will be sent straight from china.

I have also prefer other items from the site that weren’t tagged as UK stock but still waiting on the arrival of these will update you if and when I do.

I hope this helped also just got into gel blasters here in the UK and would also very much enjoy getting in contact with others from the UK to discuss possible games.

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Out of all the retailers I have dealt with so far Zhenduo actaully has been the best on customer service not to mention price. They seem really stand up guys.