Lehui Aug Upgrades Questions

Im thinking about getting an aug and i dont know what upgrades to get
i know the gearbox is poly carb so that rules out 1.3mm spring and above
this is my parts list
18:1 metal gears shimmed
new cylinder
Upgraded tappet and spring
new cyclinder head
green o-ring
piston (plunger) with a metal rack
high torque motor
brass piston head
1.1mm spring
metal barrel tight bore

also is the mosfet is the aug directly the same as the vector (burns out easily)
if so how can i mitigate this

all help is appreciated

Make sure you replace the T piece (very poor seal) and plastic barrel, with a metal one. AliExpress has black out kits for $3.45, T piece $6.40 etc. Search LH AUG there’s a couple of pages of upgrade parts. Ben at GBU does a very good build of these and easily gets around 290+ FPS.

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links for GBU and the aliexpress PLZ

Here you are.

Thank you very much.

You can do this TECH: Using a second MOSFET to protect your fire modes

Is the LH T piece a poor seal because of its shape or the position of it using the original setup? A new original T piece on a metal barrel is ok? Reason I ask is I’ve heard of 3d printed ones too.

The factory T piece just doesn’t seal very well, I used the 3 d printed one with a 7.5 metal barrel and it sealed well and fixed the problem. I have heard that occasionally you can get one with a good factory seal but I’ve never seen one.

Care to share where the better T piece you use is from? I only see originals in your previous links.

I’m happy atm with 290fps from 1.18 spring, alloy 7.5mm bl and oring but an improvement is always good. Cheers


DK do a 3 d printed T piece, I got mine on AliExpress.

Can the trigger on the LeHui AUG be replaced with a standard Gen 8 metal trigger ?

I’d say not, it is a complete different design altogether.


I’m attempting an AUG build.
So far I’m looking at the following;

New cylinder head and nozzle
MST stainless cylinder and green O-ring
Ausgel 1.28m premium spring

I pulled apart everything and put it back together earlier but didn’t think to measure the barrel length.

Anyone know the stock inner barrel length off the top of their head? :man_shrugging:
At this stage I don’t want to modify the outer barrel so prefer to keep stock length.

How do you guys think I will get on with just these mods?
I’m not really chasing FPS - more consistency than anything else. Under 300FPS would be good and keeping in with most field limits. :+1:

Also, I’m interested to hear what you guys would suggest for a high torque motor to replace the original?
I want to keep using 7.4v batteries for now.

I’m getting 270+FPS from 1.18 ausgel spring 7.5 barrel 100% cylinder and the t pice from Aussie fun times and green o ring

So I should be expecting something similar to that once I’m finished. :thinking:

I’m not sure how well the box will handle a 1.28 spring but I think it will get you about 320 FPS.

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True? I didn’t realize it would make that much of a difference tbh and I don’t want to break the gearbox so if there is any chance of that happening I will probably get the 1.18. :ok_hand:

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It will be more accurate under 300 FPS as well,

Yes the gearbox is acrylic so don’t spring it too hard. It may be alright with 1.28, mines been fine with 1.18, full cylinder alloy cylinder head. Up to you, but will put extra stress on the plastic box.

The barrel is 450mm long standard.

If your electrical abilities are sub par like mine you might want to attempt the 2nd Mosfet. Read through the thread up for the tech from zeHamish and down to how @Spartan19 did it differently :+1:

Then you can run 3s all day without frying the original mosfet :+1:

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