Lets see them CQB setups

Love the build, what type of FPS does it run with 23cm barrel and 80% cylinder on a 1.28 spring?

Installed a easyfet into the well cqb with 16:1 gears https://youtu.be/ILvJh5y9csk


Sweeet ! Sounds perfect mate, nice job :+1:


Shoots nice and straight too, I’m impressed for $19 MOSFET. Has 16:1 SHS gears and a big dragon m140 motor, 7.3 ausgel barrel and I think it’s a m85 or 90 spring. Around 250fps.
Pretty snappy on semi too


Between 290 & 300

Nice! How was the easyfet to install? Pretty strait forward? im pretty terrible with wiring

Fairly easy , took a couple hours to rewire the whole thing . Only learnt to solder 6 months ago so I’m no expert.

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Where did you fit it in mate? I’ve been looking at putting a fuse in to protect my mosfet, but just can’t find the room

It’s in the buffer tube , only place I could put it