Let's see your game play

Because honestly I can’t build a blaster worth crap and am more of a run around John Wickin it kind of guy.

https://youtu.be/BXbOUkEek7w a quick round Speedqb

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Very interesting that you guys had a gel blaster game in a school, maybe the event admins had talked to the school or something like that previously. Just seems odd

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The school. Cops and everyone who needed to know. Knew. It was an above board event.

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Nice. I am doing a couple of speedball comps at the moment.

Nice just an interesting spot to see being played in, do you guys play there on the regular

Semi regular. Once a fortnight Mabye. It an incredibly interesting mechanic for someone mostly used to the other guy pretty much being in front of me all the time.

fun gamemode from a session I had last year.

Its fun to see how my playstyle has changed, and how my gear has evolved (I played with a belt rig back then, now i run a PC, helmet and duty belt setup.


As far as gear goes. I played that urban one in a suit I picked up from St Vinnies.

I highly recommend by the way.

No point me filming my games 90 percent would be me walking back to respawn or picking up gels when I drop a mag.

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Rocky comp. That is me doing the slug impersonation up the front.