Leviathan Optical MOSFET DOA?

Hi all, just got around to putting together a new box and literally got to the point of attaching the grip (motor included) to see how she runs. Attached the battery and nothing. No motor vibration, no Bluetooth connection.
Checked the fuse for continuity, checked the motor for continuity. Changed to a different motor. Changed battery. Including a lower voltage one. Still nothing. Opened it back up and pressed the reset button. Still nothing. Checked the battery voltages. They’re fine. No funny burning smells or anything like that. Anyone had issues like that?

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Can you check voltage at the board. Maybe disconnect everything par the battery, see if it powers up then reconnect each part in turn.
Have you tried calling it rude names ?

The contacts where the wires are soldered to are located on the lower board underneath the top board. Anyhow, if it gets to that extent then it’s a fault with the MOSFET and not user error. Back to the shop I go.

Turns out the grip to gearbox screws have penetatrated the negative wire causing a short. I guess the fuses aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. The gearbox used was an LDX Expert box. Must be careful folks to not exceed the thread depth of the screw housing. A very easily overlooked potential point of issue.