Leviathan playing up

Hey guys/gal’s having some issues with the leviathan, so the unit has been running great 4 weeks. Then the ■■■ would do the odd dryfire, this then proceeded to get worse with the dry fires (used different magazines as well) Now no feeding from magazine motor but the gear box will still operate smoothly :wink:

Your thoughts???

P.s. mag terminals look fine and so does all the wiring after inspection today…

Check to see if the wires for the mag are possibly shorting on something or if that’s fine solder the mag terminals and mag wire to the Levi again.
I had one with exactly that issue early in the week, wasn’t until I checked everything that I found it was cold join on the mag terminal from the factory, good times working that out.

Cheers mate ill check her out over the weekend… :+1: