LF Reliable m4 blaster

I only plink in the backyard and have 2 x classic army hk416s and a ca m4 mrt.

This forum convinced me these were good blasters and yes they are fantastic to do what I want but the gear boxes keep fracturing and there are no replacement gear boxes since they are classic army specific…

Mine shoot at around 300fps with a slightly bigger spring and green o ring.

I’m looking a different brand with better reliability and availability of parts. I’ve just always had these classic army’s and I figured I need to try something else.

What other m4 style blasters do y’all think I would like?

I don’t think your description of what you use your blasters for would go down well with the Sport/Hobby, @moderators😳


Agreed, hint issued and cleaned up.


Very happy with my CYMA Sport M4A1 Metal. I’ve left it unmodded since it was so good out of the box. I’ve just bought a JGWorks M4A1 RIS though, which i will be upgrading for my SOCOM Block I build.