LH AUG Gearbox nylon or abs?

So I’ve heard the oem transparent gearbox casing is abs… I found another transparent gearbox that is apparently the original but it’s nylon…

Is the oem gearbox casing nylon or abs? Haven’t been able to really find a yes or no answer and the link above has thrown me :joy: someone pls confirm or deny would be much appreciated cheers.

My understanding is that nylon in the title refers to the gear set

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Ahh I see. Are there any casings out there that are nylon or even a bit stronger?

No unfortunately not that i have seen. My bro tried upgrading his Aug with metal gears and it ended badly. The gears somehow tore one of the bushings out and it no longer worked correctly no matter he did. He ended getting a new Aug which was already pre modded it was pricey but it worked and hes happy with it. It be nice if they made a Nylon box but considering its not as popular as the Vector not sure if one will be coming in future

An acrylic box with run metal gears without guys if it’s built properly.

Ahh wow yeah right luckily I didn’t put metal gears in then.
What spring can the abs box handle without cracking it then?

These metal gears were supposedly lehui aug metal gears. Doesnt matter now but its something to consider.

I was aware the aug had a specific headset but :grin:

I run some shs 16:1 in my vector and my RX akm has it’s metal gears also in an acrylic box.

I destroyed the wells box with an oversized spring but the bearing recesses were fine

@zeHamish what spring would you suggest for the aug so it increase fps but still keeps accuracy and doesnt crack the gearbox casing? Ahaha

Only aug owners would be able to give you an upper limit but ootb maybe the ausgel 118 or a nice m89/90

Fps is governed my many things, a spring plays a part but isn’t necessarily the best upgrade to improve fps

What ID barrel are you running?

Good gains are to be had with tighter barrel <> gel fit

Fait enough.
I’ve got an aluminium 7.5mm id barrel, alloy cylinder head/nozzle, and a green o ring
I don’t want too crazy fps because aiming for cqb so still want accuracy ahaha

7.3ID SS will be a good start.

Chgbbs have these

My bro had his punching upto 320fps but put in a 1.2 spring to drop it down to 250fps. This blaster original tpiece was terrible so that was to be replaced and replaced the ported cylinder.

So I put a 1.28 in and it was consistent at 350 but put 1.18 in and its consistent at 310 :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Nice, I have 1.18 in my Aug, I got to sort the t piece out one of these days.